Privacy notice

This document governs the privacy notice of our website

Here at (hereinafter referred as “We”, „Our“) we do our best to protect your privacy and this notice shows you our online data practices and what can you do about the information we collect and use.

We care about protection of your privacy and we are dedicated to provide you fully secure online experience.

All your visits, personal information or any billing is encrypted. Only the stuff here at is available to access your private information.

This declaration of privacy protects personal information, including person identity information such as your name or location data, anonymous data collection and other non-personal data.

Our privacy notice also explains certain legal rights that you have with respect to your personal data.

Information we collect

Visiting and searching our web pages are completely anonymous.The information we collect may include the actual IP address of your computer, but only in order for us to see what parts of our web site do you visit and for how much time do you spend in each of your web session. And until the moment you log in to our web site we do not collect any personal information. However, our web site may use cookies to collect data about how you use our site.

At the moment you decide to login or register, or proceed to checkout process, you will be providing some of the personal information stated here, such as name, email address, username and password, address, billing information or credit card information.

Any personal information we collect while you visiting our web site will be used in order to process your enquiries unless you give your consent.

Your rights

When using our web site and sharing your personal data with us, you have rights under the GDPR and other laws.

You have the right: -to know how long any collected personal data is stored by us -to know which personal data we collect from you, and how we process it -to have your information corrected if it is uncompleted or incorrect -to recall your consent to the processing or your personal information -to request deletion of your personal information previously provided -to complain to the responsible authority, for details about this specific right visit this page.

How we use information collected

We may use collected personal information about you for this intent:

-to create better user experience and make our web pages easier to use -to send you content and services you asked for or purchased -to send you the most relevant content to you -to inform you about offers, new services and products you might be interested in -to provide helpful feedback in both directions (to you and from you)

Withdrawing consent for using your personal information

If you decide that way, you have the right to withdraw your consent for us to use your personal information. This specific withdrawal will not affect declaration with affiliates, third-party service processors which make our business functioning or third-party offers you may choose to accept. If you want to withdraw your consent for using your personal information, send us an email with your specific request to: [email protected]

Who we share your personal information

Any collected private information about you will not be sold or rented in any case. However, we may use your personal information if required by regulation in order to comply with legal processes or protect our property.

In order to run our services properly we use some of the following third-part service processors, and some of the processors listed below may process your personal data, depending on the nature of services. Here is the list of processors: Mailchimp, Aweber, Paypal, Stripe, Thrivecart.

We will not share your information with third party providers without your permission. We use personal information to provide necessary support, reply to enquiries or complaints.


We use cookies on our web pages. Cookies are a little text files that are used and stored on your hard disk. Cookies do not damage your computer by any means. Cookies that active on our web pages do not collect any personal information about you. We use the information stored in cookies to improve your web experience and create content to your requirements. Sure, you can use our web pages without using cookies. If you don't want cookies to be stored on your computer, you just have to disable the cookie option inside the settings of your web browser. Also, you can delete cookies inside your browser at any given time.

Facebook remarketing

Facebook and other third-party processors may use cookies or other storage mechanism to collect information from our web pages, and use that information to create and publish relevant services and target ads. Facebook remarketing makes you to see our ads on Facebook after opening and visiting our web pages. In order to make this function, Facebook uses Custom Audience Pixel tool that is installed on our web pages. If you want to turn off this this option and restrict use of your information for ad targeting visit this page:

Use of your credit card

At some moment you would want and need to use your credit card to buy product and services, here on our web site. We use third-party billing processors and have no control over these services. In order to make good effort in keeping your credit card number fully confidential we use billing services provided by trusted and reputable companies that use necessary encryption protection technology. That being said, you agree that we can't be responsible for any misuse of your credit card.

Email communication

Most of the time we will be sharing information about our web site using the email address you provided when you registrated as a member. Beside relevant content we may send you promotional offers from us and our affiliates, unless you opted out and don't want to receive this type of information anymore. At any time, you can change your email preferences sending request to: [email protected] We will not sell or rent your email address to any third party.